Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vegetable Barley Soup & Spiral Rolls

This was dinner one night last week.
The soup contained onion, celery, carrot, red bell pepper, portobello mushrooms, a splash of mirin, homemade vegetable stock, water and Better Than Bouillon No Beef flavor paste, fresh thyme, barley, and peas.
I made the rolls with (reduced fat) foccacia dough made in the bread machine. I patted/rolled it into a rectangle and then brushed it with a mixture of melted margarine, garlic powder, and a bit of dried oregano. Then I rolled it up like a jelly roll, pinched the seam, and cut into twelve pieces which I then placed in a muffin pan to rise and bake. I was surprised at how nice they turned out.


Tracy said...

Agnes-Slash-Kari! Those rolls are soooo cute! Seriously, I'm not just saying that. I'm always on the lookout for new ways to make rolls and these are uber-neat. I'm adding your blog to my Google home page because I think you have pizazz.

Agnes said...

Aw, thanks, Tracy. And thanks for commenting! The cricket chirping in here was starting to make me a bit paranoid...