Saturday, August 15, 2009

What can you buy for $57 at Lam's in Phoenix?

bag gai lan
bag baby bok choy
3 bunches spinach
3 Japanese eggplant
large mango
2 cauliflower
bunch cilantro
bunch parsley
10# potatoes
2 bunches scallions
4 limes
3 pickling cukes
2 crowns broccoli
shitake mushrooms
oyster mushrooms
large pkg okra
Thai chiles
fresh thyme
curry leaves
snow peas
Thai basil
2 ears sweet corn
bag bean sprouts
bag green beans
bag shallots
4 heads garlic
12 oz pkg mung beans
3 small pkg fresh udon
fresh tofu
2 firm tofu
Japanese red pepper
1 can mock pork
1 can hot and sour soup
1 can bamboo shoots
1 can baby corn
3 cans coconut milk
jar chile-garlic sauce
pkg shrimp/veggie potstickers (for the husband)
pkg chocolate wafer cookies